Microsoft launches Skype for

It has been around couple of years since Microsoft acquired Skype. Now, the Skype video calling feature is finally available on

It took them a little longer, but the company has been constantly updating its webmail services with a brand new UI, an updated calendar and other new features. Finally, about a year and a half after the announcement Skype has finally arrived on Microsoft’s webmail services.

To enable the video calling feature on, one first has to install the Skype plugin for the browser. Once it has been set up, users can video chat, do voice calls, send messages and even call other numbers right form Microsoft also adds that by using the integrated Skype feature one can make video calls to those using Microsoft’s Messenger services.

At the moment the service is only available for preview and it will be updated later based on the feedback. It has initially been rolled out in the UK, which will be followed by the US and Germany in the coming weeks and then it will launch globally.

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