Megamind 4 Will Debut in August of 2018

Animated movies have became the latest trend in the cinema industry. The reason behind this is that they appeal to a wide range of audience including kids and adults at the same time. Companies such as Pixar and DreamWorks have actually managed to generate huge amounts of profits with animated movies such as Megamind. In fact, the reason we are talking about animated movies today is because Megamind 4 has been confirmed to premier on August 18th, 2018.

Megamind 4

As previously mentioned, the movie has been announced to come out during the summer of the upcoming year, but that’s not all. DreamWorks, the company behind the movie has made sure to keep all of its major voice actors. While we might know the debut date and movie cast, DreamWorks has made sure to not unveil the story plot.

Story Plot

The only thing that we know about Megamind 4’s plot is that two years have passed since Tighten has been defeated and that he will come back with a gang of even more dangerous villains which have the sole purpose of defeating Megamind. We can only wonder how much awesomeness this movie is going to contain now that Megamind is going to be faced against a larger group of foes.

Movie Cast

First and foremost, Will Ferrell will reclaim his role as Megamind. It’s great seeing that DreamWorks has managed to get Will Ferrell to lend his voice once again because the movie would be nothing without his comedic monologues. On the other hand, we have Brad Pitt which takes on the role of Wayne Scott (Metroman) alongside Jennifer Aniston who plays Whitney Malnew. Last but not least, we have Tina Fey which will be portrayed as Roxanne Ritchie (Megamind’s wife).

We should also mention that the villains are also voiced by Hollywood superstars such as John Goodman (Psycho Delic), Jonah Hill (Tighten), Judge Sludge (Jeremy Irons), Hot Flash (Chris Rock) and Lord Electric (Cillian Murphy).

It’s truly amazing to see that an animated movie such as Megamind has managed to gather in so many amazing movie stars in one place. This just proves how animated movies are taking over the scene.

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