Meet The Apple’s Mac Pro From The Future

Apple announced the release of the new 2018 Mac Pro with high processing performance, easier ways to upgrade and more changes to the construction of the system. Phil Schiller, marketing chief at Apple said in an interview that the company is rethinking the Mac Pro, which means it will be a lot different than the 2013 version.

Apple doesn’t want people to get annoyed by the fact that 2018 isn’t exactly on the corner. So to prevent people from getting inpatient, they upgraded the 2013 model.

Specifications will be announced later in 2017, providing a lot more processing power than ever, while keeping the already known slim design.


As the interview claimed, this device will have a modular design, meaning the users can change components whenever they please. The reason for the design changes is the thermal issue that appeared on the 2013 Mac Pro.


Along with other new features, the Apple company revealed that they are working on a new Pro Display special for the computer including high resolution and USB C port.


It said that the new 2018 Mac Pro will have strong internal components just like its rumors. It’s possible that Apple will continue using an Intel processor, but not the Xeon CPus present in current models. Considering the presence of the Xeon E3-1285 processor in the Pro iMac that will be launched in the second half of 2017, the 2018 Mac Pro is likely to have more power.

When will it be coming out?

Apple has confirmed that the new Mac Pro will be released in 2018. Phil Schiller stated that the whole internal development team is doing their best to create a better Mac Pro and that the good thing is even if it’s not what they expected, they learned not to be afraid to admit it and to always search for better solutions.

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