MacBook Pro 2016 Release Date at WWDC 2016 Event

MacBook Pro 2016

There are many reports that which say that Apple is planning to unveil its new laptop during the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2016 that will be held in June 2016. The latest MacBook Pro laptop has been released in 2015 and according to Apple’s unveiling cycles, the launch of the MacBook Pro 2016 is getting closer and closer.

We have to agree that the MacBook is the lightest and thinnest Mac device that Apple has ever created. This is how Apple sees the future of the notebook and we are pretty sure that they will surprise us with the upcoming MacBook Pro 2016. The MacBook Pro 2016 is expected to come with the latest processors, better graphics card, longer battery life and more.

At the same time, Microsoft is planning to release its hybrid device, the Microsoft Surface 5. According to rumors, the competition will be quite interesting once Apple and Microsoft will release their devices.

Hopefully, Apple and Microsoft will come with some official specifications that these two devices will come with. If Apple will truly announce its MacBook Pro 2016 in June during the WWDC 2016 event, we are pretty confident that Microsoft will not wait too long until it will also make an official announcement regarding its Surface 5.

There are reports which say that the new MacBook will be powered by Intel’s Skylake processor, which is also used by other manufacturers such as Dell, HP and Microsoft. We have to agree that the Skylake is an upgrade from the previous Haswell and Broadwell processors.

More information about the MacBook Pro 2016 will most likely be announced by Apple during WWDC 2016. We remind you that the WWDC 2016 will be held in San Francisco, during June 13-17, 2016.

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