MacBook 12-inch Retina – Is It Worth The Investment?

MacBook 12-inch Retina

Owners of an old MacBook will have the opportunity to renew their laptop, as Apple has released a new generation that will bring new features and improved performance specs. The new 12-inch MacBook will hit the stores soon, but is it worth making the investment?

The MacBook will be available in two variants. The base model will be powered by a sixth-generation 1.1 GHz m3 Skylake processor backed by 8GB of RAM, it will have 256GB of internal memory and will cost $1,299, while the second model will be $300 more expensive, but that’s because it will use a more powerful 1.2 GHz m5 processor and will house 512GB of onboard flash storage.

The previous generation of MacBook was powered by a Broadwell and even if it offered a decent performance, the new Skylake processor is around 10 percent faster and 40 percent quicker.

Unfortunately, the battery isn’t very big, but Apple claims that it will last 12 hours, which is a half hour longer than how long the previous model lasted. Users who listen to music from iTunes will be able to do it for 11 hours, but if they want to browse while connected to a wireless network, will do it for 10 hours, because the output of the battery on the new MacBook has been increased from 37 watt hours to 40.

Also, the laptop is available in a new color option – Rose Gold, which was firstly introduced on the iPhone 6S. The device weights only two pounds and has a thickness of 13.1mm, being 24 percent thinner than the MacBook Air.

The drawback of being thin is the inability to bring full USB options, so the MacBook has only a USB-C Port, which is a third of the size of a regular USB port. The keyboard hasn’t been updated, but rumors say that Apple has filed a patent for a touch sensitive keyboard surface.

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