LG to reveal a MeeGo Prototype Device at the MeeGo Conference this Month

As we heard sometime back, LG is taking some interest in MeeGo and the Korean manufacturer is all set to debut its first MeeGo device, during the MeeGo Conference which will take place in San Francisco from May 23rd to May 25th. It apparently is a prototype device, but let us hope that we get a glimpse of what the manufacturer has in store.

The detail comes from MeeGo Experts who have mentioned that the LG plans to show multiple MeeGo devices at the event. At conference LG will also discuss its future plans for the platform, and it seems like it would mainly be focused on MeeGo tablets, smartphones and in-car MeeGo based entertainment systems.

Now, that Nokia is no longer interested in MeeGo, as they have partnered with Microsoft and announced Windows Phone as their primary smartphone operating system, other manufacturers are planning to work with MeeGo.

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