Intel demos new LightPeak Technology

Intel has introduced a new technology and it is been called LightPeak. LightPeak is supposed to provide a connectivity which take you transfer speed up to 10 GB/sec by using an optical cable.

They have been boasting about this technology a lot and in one of their latest demos they have shown a laptop sending 2 HD video streams simultaneously to an HDTV via the LightPeak connection. The laptop was connected via a special USB adapter cable to pair the electric cable with the optical cable and the HCTV needed a decoder box as it lacked the LightPeak port.

It is all possible due to a small 12mm square chip in the adapter which converts the electrical signals into light pulses and the 10GB/sec transfer rate refers to simultaneous bi-directional transmission. Intel says that theoretically there is no limit for the bandwidth which LightPeak can provide. Over the coming years Intel plans to increase the bandwidth and see multi displays being served data by a single LightPeak connection. It seems that this technology is not very far as Intel plans to make the LightPeak hardware available to manufacturers by the end of this year.

Source: DeviceMag.

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