HTC Mondrian Windows Phone 7 Smartphone Revealed

It is like nobody cares about the Windows Phone 7, I hardly hear anyone talking about it. I seriously feel that it is not going to be a very great mobile  OS as you may be well aware that for using the features of a Windows Phone 7 OS based phone a Live ID is required and it should always be in sync with your device, now that can be very irritating and disappointing for many user!

Even though I have lost interest in Windows Phone 7, it seems that there is a leaked HTC Windows Phone 7 based phone out on the web.  This WP7 handset is made by HTC and is called the HTC Mondrian, kind of a weird name, it seems like HTC just ran out of names all the names they got from that contest they had held. However, the name has one similarity with the phone as Mondrian was a famous Dutch painter whose work is very similar to the WP7 handsets Metro UI. There is not much proof available and at the moment there is very little information available for this device. It seems that it was found through a leaked Windows Phone 7 ROM and the ROM is yet to be cracked so that it reveals more details.

Until now here is what we know;

  • Model: HTC Mondrian (Cingular USA)
  • AKU: WindowsMobile_7_AKU_6176
  • Language: 0409_WWE

Not much known as of yet, but stay in touch for more. We will keep you updated.

Source: TFTS.

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