HP Confirms WebOS Tablet

After the HP and Palm deal it was very evident that we may very soon get to see a WebOS based tablet from HP and now, all the speculation turned out to be true.  A couple of weeks back we heard about a tablet called the HP Hurricane but it was not official.

However, a couple of days back a HP representative confirmed that the company would be working on a WebOS based tablet which will be available in October this year. So it looks like we will see some WebOS based tablets and there will also be some smartphones but I don’t think that it will reach the netbooks as of yet.

It is not yet confirmed whether this tablet will be called the HP Hurricane but I believe it would be called something else. Anyways we expect to hear an announcement in a few weeks and we can expect more details during that time.

As soon as we get to know more on this webOS based tablet by HP will let you in on more. So stay in touch and you can let us know in the comments whether you believe that this tablet will be as awesome as the Apple iPad and if so, why?

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