How to Set Up Your Home Entertainment System Without Big Equipment

A good home entertainment system can transform your experience of watching movies and television, listening to music, and playing computer games. However, many people are annoyed at how much of their living room is taken up by the equipment that is needed to produce the desired audio and visual effects. The Audioengine brand aims to address this concern by offering reasonably sized speakers that do not require external amplifiers or subwoofers to deliver a powerful and rich sound.

Small Size, Big Sound

Unlike many small speakers, those from the Audioengine range produce a sound that is not at all tinny. Audioengine speakers produce a sound that is rich and exquisitely pleasing on the ear. Unlike home entertainment systems equipped with sub-woofers, the A5 speakers from Audioengine do not produce over-driven booming bass sounds; instead, they deliver a more natural quality of sound, which is very close to the original music recording.

Simple, Yet Satisfying

Audioengine speakers have internal built-in amplification. This feature makes them much easier to set up and use than passive speakers with a separate, external amplifier. Simply plug one speaker into the power outlet and connect up the other one to supply it with power. All you need to do then is to connect up your sound input, sit back, put on your favorite movie, and adjust the speaker settings as desired using the remote control.

Connect All Your Devices

Audioengine A5 speakers can be easily connected to your TV, your computer (whether Mac or PC), your iPod, iPad or iPhone, or your non-Apple MP3 player. Simply plug the mini-jack into the output of your device to connect it to the speakers. Apple AirPlay is also supported by speakers in the Audioengine range, including the A5 speakers.

Crank Up the Volume, Not Your Energy Bills

Compared to systems with external amplifiers and subwoofers, Audioengine speakers use far less power, while still producing a full and rich sound. Reduced power consumption is good news for your energy bills, and good news for the environment as well. Now you can enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows, music, and games without feeling guilty about the power usage.

Affordable Entertainment

Audioengine strives to make products that are accessible to the everyday consumer. As well as being easy to use, Audioengine speakers are also very affordable compared to other comparable brands. The A5 speaker, one of the staple products in the Audioengine range, is a must-have for any home entertainment system, and it comes at a price that is accessible to many households.

Quality Sound

Audioengine speakers are manufactured to a high level of quality. Encased in hand-crafted wood cabinets, the Audioengine internal amplifiers and custom bass woofers work together to create a smooth, rich sound. The internal parts of the speaker are magnetically shielded from outside electromagnetic radiation to prevent interference. Connectors within the speakers are plated with gold to better transmit the signals without noise. Silk tweeters are included for a smooth response, while the internal woofers are made of Kevlar, a very strong material that retains its shape even when the speaker is driven with a very strong current.

Audioengine Speakers at Home

Having a high-quality home entertainment system is important for lovers of music, movies and games, but no-one wants their entire living area to be taken up by speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers and cables. Audioengine speakers include all of these parts within the speaker casing, so you only need to find space for a single pair of bookshelf-sized speakers. When using Audioengine speakers, entertainment at home is exactly as it should be: hassle-free and high quality.

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