GTA 6 Update Release Date, Grand Map and New Characters

GTA 6 Update

This sequel of Grand Theft Auto V is what fans have been aching for recently but there’s nothing ahead that points to a clear release date. This sixth GTA installment is also one that fans speculate will up the game in terms of visuals, like its predecessor did in comparison to the GTAs before it.

GTA 6 Release Date

Although there have been many rumors going back and forth regarding the release date, the company responsible for GTA – Rockstar – has not mentioned a definite release date. Fans of the game have mounted a website named where they debate over rumored release dates. Some predict that it will be in 2018, based on the release date trends observed so far, but some believe it may even be sooner than that.

GTA Grand Map

Another rumor states that this GTA will be bigger than the ones before due to a larger game map and this situation is what causes the delaying of the release date. One player posted on Reddit the GTA6 map will be a combination of all the GTA maps so far, found in all of the games. This is based on a statement made by former Rockstar president Leslie Benzies, about the GTA6 map including all of the cities seen in the previous games from the series.

New Characters in GTA 6

There may by some new characters in GTA6, according again, to rumors. There’s nothing official on this yet. The speculated new characters include a new female character which will be voiced by Hollywood actress Eva Mendes and a new male character which will play the role of a cop voiced by Eva Mendes partner in real life, actor Ryan Gosling.

Finally, GTA 6 will probably be released for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and it will presumably be available for PC at a later time.

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