Google Android will now support Wiimotes

There is a new application available in the Android Market and those of you who have a Wii and an Android phone may find it very interesting.

One of the many new apps in the Andorid market has caught a lot of attention and it is called the Wii Controller Demo, which s produced by Ryan Frawley. This app is free for download in the Android Market and it allows all Android users to create a connection between the phone and a Wii Remote via Bluetooth and then you can input information to the phone by using the Wii Remote.

I have to say that this is quite a nice achievement and this may really add some unique gameplay to Android devices like Android-based phones or Android-based Tablets. There is still more development going on for the applications but at the moment you can properly integrate it with the Nunchuk and Classic controller. After the app is completed and starts performing at its best Frawley plans to allow other developers to use it in their games or emulators.

If you have an Android phone and also a Wii, I recommend you to check out this app this can be really wonderful and may also add some unique features to portable gaming.

Source: Nintendo Life.

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