Gmail Adds Microsoft Exchange Support

Gmail Microsoft Exchange

Great news for those who use an Android device, Gmail and also Microsoft Exchange. Recently, Google has announced that they will roll out an update for the Gmail app for Android and that it will support Exchange. In the next days, people will start receiving their updates.

The company officials wrote a blog post about this and said that using the Gmail is now easier for those who already use Apps or Exchange. They made some recent changes that include some features especially designed to increase productivity.

Perhaps the best feature is the fact that now you can merge both your work and personal e-mails in one single app. You can sync both inboxes together and, bonus, you will also be able to access the calendars stored in Exchange through the app.

Until now the Gmail app has collaborated with Yahoo and Hotmail, in order to merge the inboxes, but this is the first time it has worked together with Exchange. Even so, they previously supported this useful feature on some Nexus handsets and other Android devices, but only those who had Lollipop or newer versions.

This was an issue for many users who had to switch between various apps when they needed to change the work inbox for the personal one.

This move, of supporting Exchange, is a great step forward in making Android devices a better choice for enterprise clients. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that up until this day, Exchange is a very appreciated e-mail service in organizations worldwide. More than that, it’s an useful step if Google also wants to promote more their tablets in the business environment.

Last but not least, this is a good move for Microsoft too, since they are getting support from the most popular OS in the world.

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