Corsair hits Record Breaking Frequency of 2287.6 MHz

The superior power of Corsair was very eminent in the new Dominator GTX4 DDR3 RAM kit which has amazing capabilities along with the Intel Core i7 processors. Now the same speed can also be harvested using the AMD processors.

A test shows that Corsair along with an AMD Phenom II X6 Black Edition CPU, an ASUS Crosshair IV formula mainboard and a Corsair Hydro Series H50 CPU cooler reached the record breaking frequency for dual channel memory of 2287.6 MHz. This test was also independently validated. Jim Carlton, VP of Marketing at Corsair said, “The new Phenom II X6 CPUs offer a quantum leap in overclockability for the AMD platform,” he also added, “The combination of the new CPU core and Corsair’s most aggressively sorted DIMMs results in some truly amazing memory performance.”

Well, this sure looks really awesome and I am really eager to try it out myself.

Source: SlashGear.

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