Comparisons between iPad Pro and Macbook

The 256 GB 12.9-inch iPad pro model starts at $999. With an aditional $169 of a Smart Keyboard, you’re spending $1168.
The MacBook, however, starts at $1299 for the 256 GB with 8 GB. If the price difference is bothering you, you can always upgrade to very fast 500GB SSD and an m2 or m3 Intel processor.

Along with the Smart Keybord, iPad weights in at 2.33 pounds (1.06 kg) while MacBook is just 2.03 pounds (0.93 kg). It doesn’t make such a huge difference but is, however, in MacBook’s advantage.

In this area, iPad’s 264 dpi is superior to the MacBook’s who has just 226.


The keyboard is important. A lot of people say the MacBook keyboard has a very low profile butterfly mechanism. But it has very clear backlighting which doesn’t appear to be on none of the iPad’s Smart Keyboard.

Both MacBook and iPad Pro are Unix-based. MacOS handles dozens of browser tabs open for research, along with more RAM, better than iOS.

Well, clearly the MAcBook’s 10GB/sec USB 3.1 port is much better than iPad I/O.

To come to a final conclusion, there are two types of users compatible with these types of devices. An artist would choose an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil over the MacBook, who is better for writers. Between these two, iOS is perfect for daily work.

In most cases, MacBook and iPad pro share very similar features and Apple still charges about the same price. For the cost of an iPad Pro along with a Smart Keyboard, you can easily get a real computer, capable of running multiple operating systems and applications and even if the Apple company thinks that its iPad Pro could manage to beat a laptop some day, it certainly won’t.

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