BlackBerry 10- R Series Image Shows up on Instagram

BlackBerry recently launched the Z10 and the awaited Q10, both carrying the BlackBerry 10 OS, a new and refurbished operating system; and high-end specifications but comes with a guarantee to gap a hole in your pocket; leaving users wondering if the less fortunate ones could get their hands on to try the OS 10.


Here’s the good news, BlackBerry has been rumored to be working on entry level devices loaded with the latest operating system as a part of the R-series. An image posted recently Instagram drops the drape off the new BlackBerry device supposedly, an unit of the R-series and red in color.

The folks at N4BB seem to be pretty sure that the image is legitimate. The R-series is expected to be an entry-level BlackBerry device aimed to cater to the BlackBerry fans (and non-fans) who want to experience the newest operating system without shelling out a lot of money. The specifications on the device are expected to be low and the device will carry a QWERTY keyboard.

The legitimacy of the image or any official announcement from BlackBerry, we are unsure of. But here’s the good part about the news.



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