Best Xposed Framework Modules – Download and Install Available

Xposed Framework Modules

Xposed Framework is a comprehensive free platform that support advanced configurations and other great new features that you need to have right away!

The XF modules vary and the cover most of what happens in Android – from changing the color of the whole system to gaining control of customization options and changing how aspects on the phone work.

How to install Xposed Framework

To do this your device must be rooted and have a custom recovery installed before downloading Xposed Framework modules from the XDA Developers forum. These modules can be downloaded from within the app or from the XF Repository website and they work on Adroid Marshmallow based devices too.

Here is a list of the best XF modules.

Lockscreen Mods

It’s a simple lockscreen shortcut creator – it gives you 6 slots to which you can assign apps to use without unlocking the phone.


This is a module that enables multitasking on multiwindows opened on a large screen like the ones we can find on Samsung phablets. The apps can be put in windows at the top and at the bottom of the screen and are easily accessible. A 5-inch screen device is recommended for this app.

Never sleep

This app prevents your phone from sleeping which is really annoying usually if you’re reading something that takes a while to read, like a book or an article.


The WhatsApp extension will enable you to password protect your conversation, save certain messages and do other useful things


This one provides the functionality of any ROM minus the fear of data loss or flashing. It enables you to change the way you unlock the phone, customize menus, colors, volume buttons, etc.

Android N-ify

This is an experimental app but it’s brilliant! It’s not flawless but it has an awesome function: it will add features on your phone from the soon to be released Android N before anybody else have them.

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