AVG Antivirus vs. Avira – Android Antivirus Comparison

If you’re looking to get a new antivirus software for your smartphone, then you should be stoked to learn that there are numerous options for you to choose from. Some are better than others and some are some are better only in certain situations. But certain situations might be the only thing that some users care about, so it’s really hard to tell which of these programs truly has the edge. However, it’s quite simple to determine which one does the job better for you based not only on the level of threat clearance it offers but also on how many toys and gadgets it comes with. In today’s article we are putting AVG and Avira in the trenches to see just which one is better. So before you go on looking for Google Play antivirus software, check out this comparison.


AVG can definitely pride themselves with their user base as more than 187 million people are currently using AVG. That means a lot and it shows the kind of trust that people have in this service. It became a successful desktop application and then moved over to mobile as well, once the latter platform began picking up speed in the market.  Let’s take a look at some of the things that AVG is great at.


  • It offers access to multi-layered technology which means that users are doubly reassured of their safety and security
  • It comes with 24/7 support which even though seems like the standard thing to have, not everyone offers and it’s really great to be able to call someone anytime you have a problem
  • Users that don’t like AVG can request their money back and the company restores the full amount. AVG also comes with a free version which includes the basic functions of the antivirus but it’s everything some people need
  • AVG offers link protection which means that before you open a link, AVG checks to see if it’s secure
  • It comes with an online shields which basically means that you’re more protected against online threats


  • The free version of the software comes with a pretty low detection rate, which can be pretty problematic for some
  • The speed with which scans and updates occur could definitely see some improvement


Avira is another software that is extremely popular. This software also comes with a free version and in total racks up more than 306 million users. That says quite a lot about it. It comes with a lot of tools aside the standard antivirus tools, which makes it great at preventing but also eliminating threats.


It comes with a pretty simple and clean interface and that’s a thumbs up for anyone that likes getting straight to business and not waste time finding their way through the different menus of the app

  • Avira showed some very impressive results as far as independent testing goes
  • All undiscovered attacks can kiss their shot goodbye as Avira won’t let any threat act
  • It comes with social media integrations which allow parents to monitor their child’s social media presence
  • It features considerate options for gamers which make the app not push notifications when it detects that the user is playing a game


  • It has been discovered in testing that it may cause the system to boot slower
  • It always asks the user to reboot the system, for one reason or another which can become annoying
  • It receives updates but the manner in which that happens is not the best

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