Apple iPad Air 2 Offered as Replacement for Older iPads

Apple was traditionally known as a company that mainly cares about profits, well things have changed these past few years. It seems like Apple has been doing its best in order to gain its customer’s trust. However, this shouldn’t surprise anyone when considering that Android devices have such a larger fan base because there are numerous tech companies who are offering Android powered devices.

Pleasing Customers

If you are left wondering to how is Apple trying to please its customers you don’t need to worry since we are going to shed some light on that. First of all, Apple has slowly but surely lowered its prices in order to fit with the competition. Obviously, iPhones are iPads are still expensive but they come with acceptable prices. For example, Apple recently introduced the first affordable iPad which has been priced at $329.

iPad Air 2

According to numerous reports, Apple is getting ready to surprise its fan base with a great deal. Apple fans that have acquired the first iPad which shipped with the innovative Lighting connector should be happy to know that they can get it replaced with an iPad Air 2 for free.

However, there’s a catch to this deal as with all deals which sound too good to be true. The only iPad 4 owners who can ask Apple for an iPad Air 2 replacement are the ones who own broken 2012 iPads and have Apple Care. So if the older tablet is working fine, Apple will not want to replace it.

Nonetheless, if you are the owner of an old malfunctioning iPad you can trade it in at any Apple authorized store and receive an iPad Air 2. Also worth mentioning is that Apple is offering both the 32GB and 128GB storage variants of iPad Air 2. All in all, this deal is great and the only downside about it is that it requires Apple Care.


In order to refresh our memories, we’ll go over the key hardware specs of iPad Air 2. First off, the tablet ships with a 9.7 inch LED-backlit IPS LCD display which offers a high pixel resolution of 1536 x 2048. In terms of hardware power, iPad Air 2 is fueled by the triple-core 1.5GHz Typhoon CPU which has been coupled with 2GB RAM.

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