Android O and What is it Going to Feature

While not yet officially released, Android ‘O’ has seen two preview versions released for public and private testing. These developer previews do shine a bit of light on to what to expect from the release versions, there are however two more versions which will show up before the full release of the operating system that will give an even better picture as to what it will be like.

These preview versions are only available for a select few devices, these being the Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Nexus 6P, 5X and C. There have also been hints about the upcoming improvements and changes for the Operating System update and this is what we will be discussing bellow.

PiP or Picture-in-Picture is a refurbished multi-windows feature from the Nougat version of the OS that can support multitasking. This was previously seen in the YouTube application and now it seems to be making its approach on the Android O. This feature will permit you to navigate other applications while stilling have accessibility to previous ones via small applications.

Smart Text Selection will be an enhancement for the regular text related mechanics of copying, pasting and highlighting. Android O will try to improve these with the addition of an artificial intelligence. The Google AI will be working to try and learn from the information and suggest various applications based on highlighted texts.

Beefed up security will also be the main improvement that will come with the Android O. With the increasing growth of threats and viruses, the operating system will come equipped with stronger security options.

The Android O will also be receiving audio quality improvements. This is done thanks to Sony providing Google with the LDAC Codec in the operating system. Users who have the LDAC Bluetooth Headphones will be experiencing a superior audio quality on this latest OS.

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