Acer says no Chrome OS device planned for Computex 2010

As we reported earlier, there was a rumor that Acer may introduce the very first Google Chrome OS at the Computex 2010. However, it seems that it was just a rumor. A source from Acer has said that the company has no plans to launch a Chrome OS device so early. However, an event which would be help in New York on May 25 will have some very significant news.

A very disappointing rumor and it seems that the Chrome OS devices will take some time before they hit the market. But then there is the Google I/O and who know, it may some amazing updates about the Chrome OS. Although, it is now confirmed that there won’t be any Chrome OS device at the Computex 2010, Acer plans to get the device in place in the second half as they had promised.

Source: Engadget.

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