7 Fun Games for your Android Device

Android phones and tablets not only have amazing features, but also offer users with extraordinary gaming experience, explaining why they are very popular among today’s young generation. They come with numerous fascinating games to choose from in the Google Play Store. From arcade to role playing games and first-person shooter, there’s definitely a game for anyone in Android. Some of the fun Android games are:

Dead Space (Shooter)


Dead Space is an outstanding third-person Android shooter game for enthusiasts who love the unique combination of science fiction and horror. The game has an easy-to-use interface and is very enjoyable. The player controls a shooter known as Isaac Clarke as he combats with reanimated human corpses (Necromorphs) aboard an interstellar mining ship known as the USG Ishimura. Dead space 1, Dead Space 2, and Dead Space 3 were released on October 2008, January 2005, and February 2013 respectively.

Millionaire Slots (Arcade)


This Android title has some similarities to the best slot machines online, such as the ones found at slots.com. Millionaire Slots is very suitable for those who know how to play slots. The game features Las Vegas-style, multi-line slot machine with fun and wonderful themes. The colorful themes bring a new flavor to the way traditional online slots are played. This helps take away the monotony of the game and bring a different kind of gaming experience to players. The game still sticks to the original game’s objective though, where special online jackpots await the lucky winner.

Modern Combat 3 (Shooter)


Modern Combat 3 is an Android shooter game that not only has incredible themes and amazing visuals, but also brilliant game-play options.     The game has both single and multiplayer modes. The single player mode gives the player an opportunity to play over thirteen levels in different locales such as the Middle East, Alaska, and Hollywood. The multi-player mode allows up to 12 players to play together on more than 5 locales. It would be best to read a review of shooter games if you are planning to download this from the Play Store.

Asphalt 7: Heat (Racing)


Asphalt Heat 7 is purely designed for those who love racing games. This stylish game features special HD graphics and a solid gameplay offering 6 different racing modes, 15 different tracks, and more than 140 racing events. It allows the player to drive more than 55 different cars from some of the most famous car manufacturers like Aston Martin, Mercedes Benz, Lamborghini, DeLorean, and Ferrari. Players have the option of choosing their favorite car models and     driving at different speed levels as they compete with each other for the top position.

Where’s My Water? (Arcade)


Where’s My Water? is an exciting puzzle game that requires the player or players to direct a supply of water to a fussy alligator known as Swampy, who likes bathing on a regular basis because he hates being dirty. His water supply keeps being disrupted by Cranky, another  cheeky alligator living in the sewers. Players hold the responsibility of digging through the sewer to redirect the water toward an inlet leading to the home of Swampy. It has very stunning  graphical features and superb game-play, making it one of the best and most enjoyable Android games this year.

Shadowgun (Shooter)


With its stellar game reviews, beautiful graphics, easy-to-use controls, and mind-blowing story, Shadowgun stands out as one of the best and most modern Android games lined up for game enthusiasts this year.     This third person shooter game allows the player to control a strong     character known as John Slade. Slade hides behind walls and other barriers as he engages in a fierce gun battle with his enemies. To make the game more interesting, the player is provided with vital information on weapons, locations, characters, and enemies.

2Fuse (Arcade)


2Fuse is a highly-addictive game because of its simple, albeit competitive, gameplay. The objective of the game is to pair up boxes with same color, number and type. The game provides countless hours of fun and excitement because even though the game is easy to understand, mastering it to score more points may prove to be a challenge. You will be able to purchase boosters and level ups later on in the gameplay as you collect more coins from scoring high points.

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