Could Megaupload Become The Newest Household Name In Cloud Storage

The popular file-sharing site known as MegaUpload shut down in early 2012, but a new version known simply as Mega has risen to take its place. This is just one among many cloud storage options, but some of the unique features of Mega could make this option a household name.

The Downfall of MegaUpload


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In its first incarnation, MegaUpload users primarily accessed the site for the illegal sharing of copyrighted materials. Indictments against the site included racketeering conspiracy, conspiracy to commit copyright infringement, and money laundering. MegaUpload ultimately shut down leaving users to quickly move their materials or lose them entirely.

The Rise of Mega

MegaUpload’s successor, Mega, launched just one year after the shutdown of the original file-sharing site. Mega is another file sharing and file storage site, much like the original. Users who lost their content on MegaUpload may feel hesitant about trusting the company with important documents again. In fact, most cloud storage sites include warnings in their privacy agreements stating that they are not responsible for lost content. However, most cloud storage sites have a much cleaner track record.

The Benefits of Mega

While the history of Mega puts it at a distinct disadvantage in the world of cloud storage, there are many features that set Mega up well above the competition. This is one of the only cloud storage sites that protects information through an encrypted upload feature. Every file stored with Mega is fully encrypted before upload. Another important selling point of Mega is the amount of storage that’s offered. Users start with a massive 50GB of free storage. Paid storage options are available beyond this point.

Mega’s Competitors

When it comes to storage, the competitors of Mega simply can’t stand up. Dropbox starts users with 2GB of storage. Google Drive and Apple iCloud offer 5GB free for new users. Microsoft’s Skydrive offers 7GB. While extra storage is available with all these cloud storage providers, it comes at a price. 500GB of storage costs about $13.00 a month with Mega. The same amount of storage is $49.99 a month with Dropbox. Google Drive offers 400GB for $19.99 a month. With Microsoft SkyDrive, you can get up to 100GB for $50 annually. Apple iCloud’s largest storage option is 50GB for $100 a year. 

The Features of Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is a popular option in any form because it allows you to store a massive number of files without slowing down your computer. Another benefit of cloud storage is the ability to get access to your documents from multiple devices and locations. Your files are available anywhere you have a company like clear wire Internet service to get you online. Options like Google Drive are even available through smartphone apps. Dropbox is ideal for collaboration, providing users with a shared folder that several people may have access to.

Mega is a definite contender in the arena of cloud storage, but it may have some work ahead before all users believe that this great deal isn’t deceptively good.

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