Software update for Google Nexus 6P

The releasing of the June security update for Nexus 6P will happen in the first week of June and will be available as build N2G47W. The update will be launched through the Firmware Over The Air (FOTA). The file is small, weighing only 33MB, so you better enter the system updates in the settings section and choose OTA, if you want to have it.

About the update

Of course, this is a minor update but it’s important to update your phone with the latest security patches when you have the chance. It is supposed to act like a shield against Malware attacks through internet so there’s another reason why you should keep your device updated if you want it to be secure. The June security for the Nexus 6P helps optimize performance and resolve all the known issues of your phone.

Requirements before you install the update

But you need to know something important! Before you install the update, I recommend you plug your phone in order to be fully charged to complete it, back up your data and connect to a Wi-Fi so you don’t receive extra data charges.

In the first 3 days 10,000 phones are selected to be available for the update and the users will be prompted via FOTA or simply check manually in Settings.
Between the 4th and the 13th day after the release, 10% users are selected per day but they must check manually for the update.
On the 14th day the update is available for all users to download

What are you supposed to do if the update has failed

Over the next few days you should let your device to automatically try again. You must wait at least 24 hours and then check in the Settings app for the failed update. If a notification pops up, you can click and open it because this way you don’t have to wait anymore.

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