Apple iPhone 5C 8GB stocks now arriving in India

Earlier we had reported that Apple may soon be introducing the new 8GB variant of the iPhone 5C in the Indian market and now a new report suggests that the stocks are already arriving in the country, prior the official announcement.

The guys over at BGR India have received some shipment data showing stocks for the 8GB iPhone 5C started arriving last week. This means that this iPhone 5C variant should be officially introduced in the market by the end of this month, and most likely sometime next week.

There is no word on the pricing, but the smartphone is expected to be priced around Rs 35,000, and with the buyback scheme in place it should cost about Rs 30,000. Making it the most affordable smartphone compatible with current 4G LTE networks in India.


At the moment, the iPhone 4S 8GB which is at the end of its life cycle is priced at Rs 24,000, while the iPhone 5S is priced at around Rs 47,000 for the 16GB variant.

Apple has been looking to strengthen its market in India, and has been quite aggressively punish its iPhone device by even introducing the new buyback schemes. Apple iPhone sales in India have doubled year-on-year, and some reports suggest that every second smartphone shipped in India priced above Rs 30,000 was an iPhone.

Source: BGR India

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