Google unveils new Analog Efex Pro II, for better pictures from the Past

Google has officially announced the new and improved Analog Efex Pro II, which is a new update for the famous Nik Software collection. The new update has been introduced to “pay homage to the classical, vintage, and alternative processing techniques that photographers used so many years ago,” and it includes a bunch of new features, introducing a new level of editing.

The interface is almost completely untouched, keeping it simple to use for new and existing users. Those who have used this program before will notice new control points, additional camera types and presets as well as more creative techniques for creating better images.

It has a new multilens feature which makes use of diptychs and triptychs, as well as double exposures which give your images a very unique look with almost minimal effort in post-processing. Replicating old-style photography has been made a lot easier with this new update. You can view the videos of this software in action:


Analog Efex Pro II is a lot easier to use and faster when compared to its predecessor. It has a bunch of new and varied filter options and one can further achieve more perfection with toning, adding grains, adding textures, etc.

This is certainly a great improvement over the previous version. One can head over to the official  download page and get the trial for Nik Collection. It is available for purchase for $150. The trial version will automatically upgrade to the full version for those who already own the collection.

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