Cougar 700M gaming mouse comes with an ARM 32-bit processor

Cougar has unveiled its latest highly adjustable gaming mouse which they call the Cougar 700M gaming mouse and this mean looking gaming gear is powered by an ARM 32-bit processor.

The Cougar 700M gaming mouse is constructed using aluminum framing structure and it is equipped with an 8200 DPI precession gaming sensor, allowing the user to have great control in-game.

Cougar 700M Gaming Mouse

Some of its other features include 512KB memory for sorting custom settings and adjustable panels. It has unique arched frame which supports the palm ergonomically, this is an adjustable and interchangeable module. It is further capable of storing up to 16.8 million macros.


“Cougar 700M is an adjustable gaming mouse which is dedicated to professional gamers. With the design strategy,” Framing Structure”, the parts and components are built on a simply folded aluminum chassis; which provides better product strength.”

At the moment there is no information about the pricing or the global availability of the Cougar 700M gaming mouse, but one announced we will update you on the same.

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