Xbox Project Scorpio to be Unveiled on Thursday

Xbox fans should be happy to know that they are in for a treat this Thursday. According to Digital Foundry, Microsoft is ready to unveil its highly anticipated Xbox Project Scorpio next-gen console. Digital Foundry didn’t go into too much detail and just announced that Xbox Scorpio will be revealed on Thursday at 9 A.M. Eastern time. Even better, Microsoft confirmed that this will happen but it also didn’t unveil additional details.

Project Scorpio Reveal

Even though Digital Foundry and Microsoft have confirmed that the next-gen console is going to be revealed on Thursday, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be officially launched. What we’re saying is that Microsoft will actually give everyone a preview of the device’s hardware specs and not make it available for purchase. The console is probably going to be officially launched during the E3 2017 event during the following months.


Many believe that Xbox Project Scorpio will compete against Sony and its PS4 Pro model. If this proves to be true, Project Scorpio will definitely have the upper hand in the competition with its more impressive specs. Even though Microsoft doesn’t want to disclose the device’s complete specs list yet, we already have an idea what to expect. We have rounded up all the information surrounding the highly anticipated next-gen console and we’re going to present them right now.

First off, Xbox Project Scorpio is said to feature six teraflops of GPU power which means that it will be able to run games in native 4K graphics and maybe even VR content. Additionally, rumor has it that Microsoft wants to equip the device with a completely new RAM architecture and more L2 cache. Looking at these hardware specs, Project Scorpio is going to be up to five times more powerful than Xbox One.

Nonetheless, tomorrow we will be able to find out more information straight form an official source. Let’s just hope that Microsoft decides to showcase the console’s full abilities and maybe confirm that it will be able to run VR. In the end, we can be sure that Project Scorpio is going to take the market by storm when it finally comes out.

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