Xbox Project Scorpio To Be Unveiled During E3 2017

Sony and Microsoft have been competing against each other in the console industry for over one decade already. The last year Sony had the upper hand because it launched a bunch of PS4 variants while Microsoft decided to only launch Xbox One S. The reason why Microsoft didn’t flood the market with different Xbox One models is because it’s working on Xbox Project Scorpio.

Xbox Project Scorpio

Microsoft has confirmed that its working on creating the most powerful console system ever made. This is quite a powerful statement and it seems to be a direct jab towards Sony’s PS4 Pro system. The folks at Microsoft have teased the fact that Xbox Project Scorpio is will be equipped with impressive hardware specs that will offer six teraflops of CPU power. Even better, Xbox Project Scorpio is rumored to feature VR functionalities.

Release Date

Everyone already knows that Xbox Project Scorpio is under works, but what no one knows is when it will be unveiled. Well, all rumors and speculations are pointing towards a E3 2017 June release. The aforementioned event is the perfect opportunity for Microsoft to unveil its highly anticipated powerful console because the entire gaming community is going to be paying attention.

In addition, Microsoft confirmed that a “major gaming outlet” is going to be launched during E3. We highly believe that Microsoft was referring to Xbox Project Scorpio when it said “major gaming outlet”. Additionally, the high-end console is said to be unveiled alongside Forza Motorsport 7. The game will be able to showcase Xbox Project Scorpio’s graphics and processing powers.


As previously mentioned, Microsoft has announced that Xbox Project Scorpio will be the most powerful console ever made. Therefore, everyone is asking what’s going to power it. According to Microsoft, the console will be powered by an eight-core processor that’s going to be coupled with a 6-teraflop graphics processing unit. These hardware specs will give Xbox Project Scorpio the ability to run games in native 4K resolutions and VR content as well. What we cannot know is what amount of RAM it will sport but we can be sure that it’s going to be at least 16GB.

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