Xbox Project Scorpio Leak Shows that it will Cost $399

The entire gaming community has been going on and on about Microsoft’s recently unveiled Project Scorpio. The latter is the most powerful console system ever made and it puts the likes of PS4 Pro to shame. However, Microsoft has only unveiled Project Scorpio’s specs list and didn’t go into too much detail about its design or price.

The question that sits in everyone’s mind right now is how much will Project Scorpio cost? Fortunately for us and everyone else, a Spanish online retailer might have just leaked the console’s price.

Leaked Project Scorpio Price

The Spanish retailer known as XtraLife has mistakenly listed Project Scorpio alongside its $399 price tag on its website. The first one to spot this mistake from XtraLife was the Twitter user “DesiXBL”. However, we need to mention that Microsoft has yet to confirm that this pricing is official. In addition, retailers are known to often use placeholder prices until the manufacturer provides them with the real price. Therefore, we need to consider this price as being subjective to change. Microsoft is definitely going to unveil the console’s official price during E3 2017.


If the price leaked by XtraLife is proven to be true, it means that Microsoft is going to reign supreme in the console industry. Analysts were predicting that Project Scorpio will priced around $500 because it presents impressive hardware performances and because it’s capable of running games in native 4K resolutions.

Sony and Nintendo are Microsoft’s biggest competitors and their products are going to be overshadowed by what Microsoft has to offer. Especially when considering the rather affordable price of $399.

Exclusive Games

All that Microsoft needs to now in order to completely dominate the industry is to make deals with game developers so that they will release special Project Scorpio edition of their games. The only way in which Sony can come back from this is by persuading game developers to create additional DLCs for its PS4 Pro system. However, this is highly unlikely since games which are exclusive for Project Scorpio are going to sell so much better.

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