Windows 10 will get a feature similar to OS X’s handoff

Windows 10 will get a feature similar to OS X’s handoff

A Redditor shared a screenshot of a Windows 10 developer build showing that soon, the operating system will allow users to switch between computers and mobile devices and to continue their work from where they left off. If this feature sounds familiar, then you’re most likely thinking about Handoff, which was introduced by Apple in iOS 8 and OS X v10.10.

Microsoft is planning to bring this capability in Windows 10, and this was discovered in the screenshot which shows an option to “Let apps on your other devices launch apps and continue experiences” on Desktop PC, via Bluetooth.

Most likely, the screenshot was taken from a build with a Redstone update announced in March and the Handoff-like feature is believed to be part of the Project Rome, which Microsoft has revealed at its Build Conference. This feature aims to connect Windows devices and to offer an uninterrupted experience.

Project Rome is an ambitious project that will copy Handoff, but it’s expected to work across Windows, Android, and iOS, and with Xbox SmartGlass, users can continue experiences between PCs, phones and Xbox consoles. Shawn Henry, Microsoft program manager said that “Rome is about user engagement”, noting that many people start an activity on one device and want to finish it on another. For example, users can start writing an email on their phone and finish it on PC.

One of the capabilities of Project Rome is that it allows users to access web links directly from application, instead of opening a browser, by using an app URI handler API. Also, there are APIs capable of discovering devices through local networks, the cloud or Bluetooth networking, while other APIs are building experiences and communicating across applications.

Microsoft has detailed its plan at the Build developer conference, during a presentation on the UWP app model. Starting from this summer, users will be able to download Universal Windows Platform applications from the Windows store to a variety of devices.

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