Windows 10 vs. OS X El Capitan – Who Gets Most Points?

Windows 10 vs. OS X El Capitan

Windows 10 has restored users’ confidence in Microsoft, after the mistakes that were made in Windows 8. The new operating system is even better than Apple’s OS X El Capitan in some areas because Microsoft has made sure that the new features will live up to users’ expectations, but an objective comparison between the two platforms is more relevant.


The Start Menu that was removed in Windows 8 is back and in the left side it contains shortcuts to the File Explorer, Documents, and Settings, while in the right side are located the shortcuts to the most frequently used programs, plus dynamic Live Tiles, for example: Mail, calendar and Photos, but you can also pin any application you want.

The Live Tile side can be resized by dragging the slider to the right, but we don’t advise you to do that, because everything will look cluttered. The Search field is now located on the bottom left, while El Capitan has it in the top right corner. Windows 10 has a more compelling UI and it allows you to see all your open applications at once in the Mission Control. These advantages bring 20 points to Windows 10.


Windows 10 gets another 15 points for the Snap feature, which allows users to run four applications on the screen, at the same time. With the Snap Assist view, users can pick the next applications that they want to snap and with the automatic-snap feature, when clicking on a link in an email, the page will be opened with the Edge browser and then snapped to the right side of the screen. El Capitan has only a Split View feature, so only two applications will run side by side.

Special Features

15 more points go to Windows 10 for the addition of Cortana, the voice-enabled personal assistant, which answers questions and provides cards with information about the weather, sport scores, news and others. With Cortana, users can dictate emails and set reminders. The second important addition is the Continuum feature, which will switch to tablet mode when the display is detached from the keyboard – this feature was created especially for the Surface Pro 2-in-1 tablet, which can be transformed into a laptop by connecting it to a Type Cover.

Also, the feature allows users to connect their Windows 10 phones to a physical keyboard or a larger screen. OS X’s special feature is Handoff, which will let users to pick up where they left off in an application they were using on their iPads.


This time, we have a tie between the two platforms. Apple’s Spotlight searching feature provides results for a variety of topics, including transit directions and web video. We’ve already told you about Cortana, which offers similar functionality. The difference between the two features is that with Cortana, you can search using your voice, while El Capitan will search for results while you’re typing.

Web Browsing

This time, OS X El Capitan wins 5 points, because of the Pinned Sites that are smaller tabs of users’ favorite websites, which can be found more easily. Safari has another option, allowing users to silence “noisy” tabs. Microsoft Edge is the new web browser in Windows 10, which replaced Internet Explorer, and has Cortana integration.

Phone Integration

10 more points are won by OS X, because of the ability to take calls from an iPhone, on the Mac, and to send and receive text messages.

Built-In Apps and App Stores

Windows 10 has more applications for desktop computers, as Microsoft is relying on Photos, Maps, Groove Music, Movies & TV, Mail and Calendar, but OS X’s built-in applications have a more aesthetic design, therefore, Apple collects ten more points.

Sharing and Social Integration

Microsoft has a more open social sharing approach, as besides Twitter and Facebook, users are allowed to share anything via a given application they download, thanks to a sharing “contract” with Windows. So, Windows 10 gets 5 more points.


Windows 10 has the Action Center with two separate Settings menus, but in OS X El Capitan there’s only one settings menu, so it’s not complicated to customize notifications or to tweak other settings. Because of that, 5 points go to OS X El Capitan.

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