Windows 10 Update Cortana Improvements and Gorgeous Features

Windows 10 Update Cortana Improvements and Gorgeous Features

Microsoft has released a new build for its upcoming Windows 10 Anniversary update, codenamed RedStone and which is expected to be released in July. This update is available for Insiders in the Fast Ring and it brings new features, Windows Ink, a revamped Start Menu and improvements for Cortana.

The new Fast Ring test build, number 14328 that can be installed on PCs and mobile devices, comes with big changes. Earlier this month, Microsoft has previewed some visual changes and asked its users to provide feedback on the new design. So, from now on, the Start Menu will contain all applications and the most used applications, as well as additional folders, which was previously accessed by hitting the hamburger button.

Also, Settings and Power options sit in the left-hand side of the Start Menu, being slimmed down to icons and when detaching the keyboard and switching to tablet mode (on a Surface tablet), the Start Menu expands to full-screen and it shows a complete list of installed applications. And in order to take full advantage of the screen, users have the option to hide the taskbar.

Windows Ink is a feature that Microsoft has talked about at its Build 2016 developer conference and now it’s available on Windows 10 tablets or your two-in-one convertible tablets. With it, users are able to create a sticky note or virtual white board, where they can write notes.

Then, Cortana will scan handwritten notes and will use them to set reminders about event locations or dates. The list of Microsoft applications that currently Windows Ink includes Edge, Maps and Office.

Other tweaks are related to the Action Centre, which is located in the far corner of the taskbar, notifications are displayed on a badge and upcoming calendar events can be found in the taskbar clock flyout.

Build 14328 is also allowing users to interact with Cortana from the lockscreen and they can by clicking the plus button, they can create a new event.

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