Windows 10 Update Available With New Facebook, Messenger and Instagram Apps

Windows 10 Update  Facebook, Instagram Apps

Facebook has been extraordinarily successful so far and has been used intensively by people for its mobile apps which include Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. But that is not enough in the context of ever developing software so it decided to bring those apps to Windows 10 as well starting right now.

Facebook and Messanger are rolling out on Windows 10 whereas Instagram will roll out on its mobile version. Later this year, Messanger and Facebook will also roll out on Windows 10 Mobile.

The Windows 10 Facebook app has options such as Live Tiles which allows users to see status updates from friends and family plus various Facebook pages right on the home screen. It’s also integrated with File Explorer so photos can be shared on Facebook from your apps. It supports desktop update notifications as well.

The app also includes the newer features of FB such as “Reactions” – the emojis that you can use to respond to various posts positioned next to the “Like” button – and many fun stickers meant to be used in the same way as emojis. Furthermore, it has a column positioned on the right side where you can see friends’ birthdays, trending articles and event reminders.

Although the update is designed to replace the Windows 8 Facebook app, users will still be able to use the latter f they want to.

As for the Windows 10 Messenger App, all we can say is that it has GIFs, group conversations and stickers, of course. It also features desktop notification on all incoming chats and missed messages.

Instagram, on the other hand, will run on Windows 10 mobile and it will support videos, direct messaging, a better search and explore option, the Account Switching feature plus Live Tile integration which means that you can pin the Instagram app to the home screen and receive updates and notifications. Plus, the Tile will display your pictures.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, Windows 10 is being used on 270 million devices as of March 2016 and people spend an average of 50 minutes a day on Facebook, Instagram or Messenger, so these new apps were absolutely necessary.

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