Windows 10 Mobile to Windows 8.1 Downgrade The Best Way

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Many Windows phone fans have been waiting for the Windows 10 Mobile upgrade to be released for their handsets that were running on Windows 8.1. However, it seems that this upgrade is not a good upgrade for many of these users, as their handsets don’t run smoothly with the new Windows 10 Mobile OS.

However, we have some good news if you have issues with your handset since you’ve upgraded it to Windows 10 Mobile OS, as you can now roll back to the Windows 8.1 stock version.

This was also confirmed by Microsoft via its official Twitter account. In that tweet, Microsoft said that if the handset was originally released with Windows 8.x, the owner of that device will be able to roll it back to the original OS version with which it was released (at least Windows 8.x variant). It seems that Microsoft is not forcing anyone to stick with Windows 10 Mobile, if they don’t like the new OS.

How To Downgrade Your Mobile Device From Windows 10 Mobile to Windows 8.x

First of all, you will need to download a tool named “Windows Device Recovery Tool” to your computer. Once the download is completed, you will need to start the recovery tool and connect your mobile device to your PC via an USB cable. If your handset is not detected, you will need to click on “My phone was not detected” in order to force the application to scan once again for your phone.

Once your phone is detected, you will need to select it from the list and wait a few seconds. Then you will see your phone information along with the software that’s available for download in order to roll back the device to a previous OS.

You may click on “Reinstall software” in order to start the rollback, but keep in mind to use the recovery tool to backup all your data, apps, settings before continuing as all the data will be deleted in the rollback process.

Once you will click on “Continue”, the recovery tool will download the OS image from Microsoft’s servers and it will replace the Windows 10 Mobile from your device with Windows 8.1 OS.

Once the installation of the older OS will complete, you will see this message: “Operation successfully completed”. The handset will then reboot and you will notice that it runs on Windows 8.1 once again. Enjoy!

One thought on “Windows 10 Mobile to Windows 8.1 Downgrade The Best Way”

  1. Who writes this garbage? I’ve been running 10 fast ring on a 8.1 (640) for almost a year now. Never had a regret or an unusable movement. My wife is running production 10 on the same phone and it’s rock solid. Why are all the IOS and Android fanboys out for blood over this? Does your phone of choice somehow get less attention if windows mobile makes it? Android is a virus ridden wasteland, and both IOS and Android cost too much for what you have to buy to have a usable phone. Windows just works, it works on cheap, low cost, phones. Stop trying to make yourself feel better about dropping 700 dollars on phone every 2 years. Btw, my wife has an old 635 512MB phone that will never officially receive 10, but it’s running fast ring and doing great. Try any Android past 4.0 on a 1.2Ghz dual-core w/512 MB. It ain’t gonna happen.

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