Windows 10 Mobile OS Available at 64-bit for Lumia Devices

Windows 10 Mobile OS, 64-bit,  Lumia Devices

It is good to know that the latest Snapdragon processors support 64-bit OS, but for some reason Microsoft has installed only the 32-bit version of the Windows 10 Mobile OS on its Lumia devices. At the same time, the company offers the same OS version for other OEMs.

Well, we have some good news, as Microsoft has finally confirmed that soon enough, the Lumia devices will receive the 64-bit Windows 10 Mobile OS. We remind you that some previous rumors were suggesting that the 64-bit Windows 10 Mobile OS will be released along with the Redstone wave.

By bringing the 64-bit of Windows 10 Mobile OS, it will allow the devices that support more than 4GB of RAM to access larger number of registers, a lower power consumption and cross-platform support.

There are many users who think that 4GB of RAM is enough RAM for a mobile device. However, actually that’s not enough, since Microsoft is already trying to bring x86-based applications to the ARM platform.

For example, the x86-to-ARM just-in-time emulator will allow you to run even desktop applications, which require a good amount of RAM. With other words, you will start feeling that 4GB of RAM is becoming insufficient for your mobile device. With other words, the next Lumia flagship that Microsoft will release will most likely run on a 64-bit Windows 10 Mobile OS.

We think that it is just a matter of time until a good amount of desktop applications will be fully supported by mobile devices. However, the specifications on the mobile devices will need to be boosted in order to run them all, as there are desktop applications which require at least 8GB of RAM, which is quite a lot for a smartphone or tablet.

Do you think that the x86 applications should be supported by Windows 10 Mobile OS?

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