Windows 10 Mobile Continuum Update – Unique and Powerful Enough

Windows 10 Mobile Continuum

One of the features Microsoft sells along with Windows 10 Smartphones is the Continuum app for phones. As we all know, Continuum for phones is a feature that pushes forward the idea that all devices should be screens – it allows an user with an amazingly powerful smartphone to project its screen onto other devices’ screens. As a result, any smartphone becomes a virtual PC and is thus able to run any Windows apps that adapt to screen-sizes.

The Continuum feature is a unique one indeed, but it requires many peripherals that you probably don’t feel like searching for around the house such as a monitor, keyboard, any dock or Miracast. Windows sought to repair this by releasing a new app called Connect in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update which allows Windows and Android devices to use Miracast, thus having the option of projecting their screen to PCs that run Windows 10.

This means that now there is no need for the aforementioned peripherals when using Continuum along with the Connect app as that pretty much makes any computer with that Windows 10 Update your playing ground. It comes as especially helpful when you need to work on someone else’s computer if yours is not around but you have your files in your phone or if you need it for a school PC. There are many reasons to use it.

Before this, Continuum on phones was used in “dock and go” situations where the user would dock the phone temporally to do what was needed and then he/she would undock it.

There’s just one more thing that would make the Continuum brilliant: support for the receiving app to run above the locked screen – much like the Cortana app does to some degree so far – which will reassure both the phone and the PC user that Continuum is safe.

After a few failures on the mobile making market, Microsoft worked on the flaws to make them better and more alluring for the public and it now offers devices which run what it believes it will be the future for mobile technology. But this revolution in computing can only work if there are buyers for the phones or the feature.

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