Windows 10 Mobile Build 14322 Comes With Improvements For Cortana and Action Center

Windows 10 Mobile Build 14322

Microsoft is continuously working on its Windows 10 Mobile OS, as a few days ago it has released a new Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build 14322, which comes with many tweaks and upgrades.

First of all, you should know that two new additions have been added to the reminders function that the Cortana comes with. Until now, you were able to tell Cortana to remind you to go to the store to buy a bottle of champagne, but now, you can even add a picture with the champagne type that you want to purchase, to identify it with ease on the shelf.

In addition, you will be able to set reminders on content from Universal Windows Platform applications (UWP), which are using the share contract in Windows (such as News app or Microsoft Edge). With other words, if you find something interesting while browsing via the Microsoft Edge, you will be able to ask Cortana to remind you to read that article later, when you will have some free time.

Upgrades For Lock Screen & Messaging

Users have been asking for media controls via the lock screen, a feature that has been available on other smartphone platforms for quite a while. It seems that Microsoft understood that and they’ve added a camera button in the lock screen, which will allow you to open the camera app without having to unlock the device.

At the same time, the developing company located in Redmond said that, soon enough, the “Messaging everywhere” feature will be released for the Windows 10 Mobile (preview build), which will allow you to receive and send text messages from your smartphone to your Windows 10 PC.

In addition, the Microsoft Edge browser will receive improvements to its tab management, but you will also notice some updates to the copy/paste tools.

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