Windows 10 Mobile Allows App Update Notifications Again

Windows 10 Mobile

Lately, Microsoft has been successfully keeping the information about app updates to themselves by coming up with different features that allow version numbers, update dates, update history and notifications of the update to be removed. Which basically means that for quite some time the users of Windows 10 Mobile had no idea about what was going on with their apps, or if they were updated or not.

But it appears that recently the Mobile team did a 180 and realized that the notifications were needed. That is why the latest software upgrades include these notifications when an app has been updated. And the users rejoice!

And that is not the only thing that gets a makeover. The team is currently working on a new store design, with even more features.

Let’s just hope that Microsoft will keep in mind the fact that it’s not OK to keep users in the dark about their apps and updates.

We’ll update this article with the latest information available, check us soon.

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