Windows 10 Mobile 10586.218 Build Update – Next Features to this OS in the Near Future

Windows 10 Mobile 10586.218 Build

Microsoft will release a new Windows 10 Mobile OS sometime soon and according to some screenshots that have leaked a few days ago, the upcoming operating system will jump to version 10586.218.

Now, a new video has been released by WindowsMania, which shows the 10586.218 build in action, along with the changes that will most likely come with once the public version of the OS will be released.

Here is the video showcasing the Windows 10 Mobile Build 10586.218, but keep in mind that it’s in Polish language, so you will most likely not understand much if you don’t know this language. However, you will notice significant performance improvements along with bug fixes.

However, it’s not sure yet if the 10586.218 build will be the next insider release, as Microsoft is releasing new builds every day and if they find major bugs, they could decide to delay the release. With other words, a newer build could also be released, but these kinds of leaks are always welcome, as they offer information about what’s about to come on future Windows 10 Mobile versions.

However, the 10586.218 build could be an update that will not be released only for insiders and instead, it might also be released for retail users who have upgraded to Windows 10 Mobile, but didn’t join the Windows Insider program.

As you’ve noticed in the video, Microsoft has fixed some of the bugs that have been spotted in the previous builds. At the same time, the general performance of the new Windows 10 Mobile build is improved, but there is nothing much to say about it.

At the same time, Microsoft hasn’t said anything about the release date of the new build, but there are rumors which say that the company will finally release a new build sometime next week.

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