Windows 10 Enterprise – Best Antivirus Apps Available to Install

Windows 10 Enterprise, Windows 10 Antivirus

There are many experienced users out there who prefer to not install an antivirus on their computers. However, for a casual user, an antivirus application should be the first thing that (s)he should think about after installing Windows OS on his/her computer.

Today we’re going to talk about some antivirus applications and how well they did during some tests. This way, you will know which one of them you will want to use. Windows Defender is not as good as many other antivirus applications, so if you think that Microsoft’s AV will help you against new hack attacks or viruses, you are wrong.

We agree that Windows 10 OS comes with many security improvements, but an antivirus application will still be required to be safe.

The German security institute “AV-TEST” has made a new research to see which the top antivirus applications for the Windows 10 Enterprise computers are and, also, to find out which AV is best for client-service protection.

From the list of 11 security applications that the Germany security institute has checked, only ONE has scored 6 out of 6 points. As many has expected, the antivirus application that obtained the maximum score in all sessions is Kaspersky’s Small Office Security 15.0. However, Bitdefender’s Endpoint Security 5.3 and Trend Micro’s Office Scan 11.0 did pretty well also, but they’ve both scored only 5.5 points on “Performance” and this is the reason why they’ve missed the maximum score.

Intel Security’s McAfee Endpoint Security 10.0 has scored only 5.5 points for protection, only 5 points for performance and 6 points for usability.

Microsoft’s System Center Endpoint Protection had a mediocre score, obtaining only 4.5 points for protection, 4.5 points for performance and 6 points for usability.

Are you an experienced Windows OS user which prefers to keep antivirus applications away from your computer? Tell us your thoughts about your favorite antivirus application!

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