Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Developed In Collaboration With Insiders’s Suggestions

Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Microsoft will continue to release updates for its latest version of Windows and this summer, when Windows 10 will celebrate one year of existence, the company will bring the second biggest update. Windows 10 Anniversary Update is currently being tested out by Windows Insiders who are receiving new builds on a regular basis. The next one will be 10586.218, which was spotted on Microsoft’s update site, but it won’t bring any new features. There were plenty unveiled so far and more will follow.

One of the unexpected new features in Windows 10 Anniversary Update is the Windows Subsystem for Linux, which will allow developers to run Linux binaries such as the Bash shell so they can connect to and manage Linux servers. Microsoft aims to please developers with another change – support for Docker containers in both Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016.

Microsoft is developing its Windows 10 with the help from its Insiders, so their feedback is very important. Their suggestions for new features are being taken into consideration and if ideas are good, they are being implemented. Users wanted tweaks to the Start Menu, the return of the full-screen apps list in tablet mode and improvements to the All Apps list and in the Action Center will be mirrored alerts from Android phones, but at the same time, Android users will be able to reply to text messages from their computers. In Action Center will be displayed notifications from websites and applications, as well, and when a Windows 10 device will sync to another device, notifications will be dismissed on both devices.

Cortana hasn’t been forgotten either. This virtual assistant will become chattier, meaning that it will offer suggestions for everything she does, using chat bots, and some of Cortana’s features will be accessible from the lock screen.

Moreover, Microsoft made a deal with Wacom and will build a pen that will be compatible with multiple PC screens. The new Ink system will become more useful and will work with Cortana, which will give users the possibility to write on the screen “remind me next X day to call Y”, so they will be notified by Cortana to perform that task, in the exact day.

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