Windows 10 Anniversary Update Comes With Secret Features

Windows 10 Anniversary Update

According to reports, the Windows 10 Anniversary Update comes with three “secret” features and today we’re going to talk about them.

Changes To The Smart Windows 10 User Interface

Microsoft has confirmed that the upcoming Anniversary Update for Windows 10 will bring Android notifications in its Action Center. However, what it didn’t mention is that the new features will also change the taskbar in order to accommodate it better with all the programs and universal Windows Apps.

This has been spotted by BetaNews and it seems that the Windows 10 will have its taskbar icons changes so that it can support badge notifications and show the number of new alerts on each program, website or app.

Notifications Will Be Smarter

According to MSPowerUser, the Windows 10 Anniversary Update will make notifications “smarter”. Windows 10 will not only receive Android notifications, but at the same time, it will allow the user to interact with them. With other words, you will be able to reply to SMS messages or dismiss reminders.

Universal Notification Syncing

To make things even better, Microsoft will bring universal notification synchronization, which will allow you to dismiss alerts from all devices once you’ve seen them on a device. This will surely please many users, who own 3 or more devices, who are tired of dismissing every single notification on each device.

In addition, Microsoft will allow the developers to have total control on what notifications will be mirrored and which one will be ignored and will be available only on a single device.

We remind you that aside from these three “secret” features, the Windows 10 Anniversary Update will also come with many other new features and options, which will appeal any Windows 10 user for sure.

What are your thoughts about the upcoming Windows 10 Anniversary Update?

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