Windows 10 14328 Available for PC and Mobile in the Fast Ring

Windows 10 14328

Yesterday, Microsoft has announced on its blog that the Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14328 has been released for computers and mobile devices to Insiders in the fast ring, which is different from the Mobile build that was released on Wednesday. Microsoft has introduced new features such as Windows Ink, it updated Start and brought many improvements, but more about them we’ll tell you below.

Windows Ink

This new feature allows users to write on the screens of their devices as they do on paper. They will create sticky notes, draw on a whiteboard and share their analog thoughts in the digital world. This feature is integrated into applications such as Office, Maps and Microsoft Edge and it can be used on Surface pro 4 or Surface Book, which have touch screens.

Updated Start

Users will find applications more easily, no matter if they own a computer, tablet or mobile device. The most used applications and All apps list have been merged into a single view and they’ve been placed at the top level of the UI, in order to reduce scrolling and clicking. Options such as Power, Settings, and File Explorer are now found in the left rail in the Start menu, the Recently added section has been updated and it shows three entries instead of one, but it can be expanded to reveal the entire list of new applications.

New Features In Tablet Mode

Full-screen All Apps list in Start – Windows Insiders requested this feature, as they will be able to take advantage of the additional real estate on the Star screen and they will also find it easier to toggle between their pinned tiles and All applications on the Start screen.

Auto-hide taskbar – this way, applications will have more space on the screen and users will have a distraction-free experience.

Improvements To Cortana

Cortana can be accessed from the Lock screen, so users will no longer need to unlock their devices in order to ask questions. In order to enable Cortana on the Lock screen, users will head to Cortana’s settings and turn on “Let me use Cortana even when my device is locked” under “Lock screen options”. “Hey Cortana” must be enabled, as well.

Improvements To Action Center And Notifications

The Action Center icon is now placed in the far corner of the taskbar and users will see the number of notifications they have missed, via a badge. Also, Individual app notifications will be seen only in the header that groups together all notifications from an application.

Updates To Settings App

Pages have individual icons associated with them, the Pen settings page includes the ability to adjust the pen shortcuts, and if an application gets into a bad state, users can reset it in Settings > Apps and features.

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