Tumblr Finally Caves to Facebook Integration

Tumblr, the popular micro-blogging platform, resisted integration with Facebook for years. They provided ways to post your Tumblr blog posts to your Facebook account but not automatic Facebook integration like other social media sites: Pinterest, YouTube and Twitter. Recently, Tumblr announced they finally created a Facebook app which automatically integrates your two accounts.

Tumblr is a free microblogging platform that has rapidly gained popularity in recent years, and has become as ubiquitous as Facebook accounts and cheap Dell computers for college students.  In fact, in addition to even a personal blog, most people also have a Tumblr account.  So what does the recent Tumblr-Facebook integration mean for users?

Tumblr-Facebook Integration

This Tumblr-Facebook integration takes place by way of a Facebook application. You authorize the Tumblr feed app to authorize your Facebook Timeline, News Feed and Ticker. When you publish a new Tumblr blog post, it appears in your Facebook Timeline. All Tumblr posts are combined into a single box on your Timeline much the way Pinterest, Spotify and Foursquare work. This keeps your Timeline clean and organized.

What Shows on Your Facebook Timeline

So, what exactly appears on your Tumblr blog? Tumblr posts your new blog posts, your likes/comments on other blogs and likes/comments on your blogs. It shows links beneath the activity for your Facebook friends to comment on your Timeline and share or “Reblog” the information with their network. This information also shows up in your friends’ News Feeds and on your Ticker.

Why Should I Integrate Facebook?

1. Tumblr-Facebook integration takes the work out of back linking your Tumblr blogs. Just like your typical website, you need to back link your Tumblr blogs.

2. Integration shares your information with your existing network of friends on Facebook gaining you new viewers to your Tumblr blog. Your friends may not know about your fabulous Tumblr blog unless you integrate Facebook.

3. Some users already were using Facebook to back link their Tumblr blogs. You needed to do this manually after every blog posts. Now, using integration, Tumblr takes the work out of back linking to your Facebook account.

4. Using other apps, you then get the option to install the Facebook application on Twitter. This updates your Twitter feed with your Facebook posts taking automation to a new level.

How to Integrate Facebook & Tumblr

Log in to your Facebook account on their website. Go to the following URL: https://apps.facebook.com/tumblr-feed/. Provide authorization to Tumblr to access your Facebook timeline. That’s it! Your Facebook and Tumblr accounts are now fully integrated.

Use the settings to designate exactly what you want to display on your Facebook account. Should you decide you don’t like integration, simply remove authorization for the app in the “Apps and Games” section of your Facebook account.

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