Top 5 Best Free Android Racing Games


Need for Speed No Limits Android

There are so many mobile racing games laying around in the virtual scape ready to get picked that it is probably very hard to really choose a good one. Here is a top five racing game list that will help in getting the right one for you.

  1. Need for Speed: No Limits

This 2015 launch is still going strong. Its realistic graphic and interesting scenarios make it the perfect option for street circuits.

  1. Riptide GP 2

This lovely water racing game that forces the player to take sharp turns and risk crashing. It offers the possibility to change the watercraft and to unlock stunts to be used whenever there’s an obstacle like a wave or a ramp. A player can compete with friends or just other players in a four-splitscreen mode.

  1. Turbo FAST

I know it’s crazy to say that snails can go Turbo Fast, but they can actually, in this cute snail race game where that have supersonic shells. It’s based on the flash-animated hit series Turbo FAST where a few snails constantly race against each other. It’s a very fun game to play with friends and it’s very easy to pick your favorite type of snail for the game if you are familiar with the characters in the series.

  1. Angry Birds Go!

This game is just as highly addictive as the mother game “Angry Birds”. It’s a multi-vehicle racing game where players can collect gems and coins to get more speed for their vehicles and… you can finish the game without any in-app purchase options.

  1. Beach Buggy Racing

This adorable cart racing game is meant for honest, silly fun and its graphics are less realistic. A favorite among children and adults alike, its competing players have to collect items during the race that can allow them to either attack or fend off a fellow player.

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