The Monaco Grand Prix – View Monaco’s finest racing from the top of La Maree Restaurant

The Monaco Grand Prix is one of the most prestigious events to take place all year. Racing professionals, enthusiasts and high life connoisseurs alike gather in Monaco for what promises to be another fine edition of one of F1’s most established circuits. As newcomers will learn and returning guests will happily vouch for, racing is the epicenter of the event but it is just a part of the entire Monaco Grand Prix experience. Those who come to watch the high pitched, intense racing moments also enjoy the various thrills of the city’s lavishes and nightlife extravaganzas.

Monaco Grand Prix

The racetrack on which the Monaco Grand Prix will host the highly talented F1 drivers is known in the community to be one of racers’ preferred location for demonstrating prowess and skill. Since it was first admitted into the F1 circuit, the Monaco racetrack has suffered many game changing modifications to some of its key corners, most of them influenced by various daily life occurrences like the closing of establishments within the track’s perimeter and structure, and the opening of new ones.

One of the this event’s most celebrated features is the fact that guests are able to enjoy it for a multitude of first class viewing points that allow for not a single moment to be wasted. Many choose to charter yachts trackside as the docked titans offer an excellent view location for the race eager, champagne sipping guests. Another great viewing point for the event and probably the best is La Maree Restaurant.

La Maree Restaurant

Those who want the best treatment city don’t just come to the Monaco Grand Prix, they come to La Maree Restaurant. Well deserving of its status of best viewing location for the weekend racing event, La Maree is located in what is considered a dream spot – the middle of the race track. This allows guests to lavish not just in the company and spirit of F1 as they enjoy the race below them, but also in the most exquisite seafood they’ll find anywhere in the region. Freshly caught local goods are transformed in a feast worthy of a champion, and of course cheering on your favorite driver builds quite an appetite.

La Maree features two sections, the indoor establishment located at the top floor of the building, and the splendid terrace which gives view of the track and race below from either side of the balcony.  This ensures that elements such as the weather will not interfere with the guests’ viewing pleasure and that burning sun and pouring rain will be all the same at La Maree.

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