Tesla Model S P90D vs. BMW 730d – Best Electric Car Yet

Tesla Model S P90D vs. BMW 730d

Lately, both Tesla and BMW started competing to see which one is better. After BMW launched its version of electric cars, Tesla has been responding both verbally and technologically. That is because, to be fair, Tesla was first to implement a number of features, like the Autopilot system.

Even though there are some concerns on whether it’s a good idea for Tesla to test its Autopilot system directly on humans, Elon Musk is sure that the tests are perfectly safe.

And that is how the question “Which one is better?” was born. Luckily, Top Gear thought of testing them both, to get an answer.

They drove 14 miles under full autonomy, with the Autopilot enabled. They noticed that Tesla’s car can accelerate past moving cars, mind the gaps and change the lanes by itself, just by pressing the blinker.

The companies from Silicon Valley that worked on the software for the car managed to bring forward graphics and information that can be easily read, which makes the car much easier to maneuver.

Tesla Model S P90D vs. BMW 730d 2

While Tesla is definitely a good electric car, they noticed that BMW is also on top. The system is entirely different, meaning that if the driver takes their hands off the wheel, the Autopilot won’t intervene. Well, not literally. It does make sounds for a few seconds though.

BMW declared that the Autopilot is only meant to assist, not replace the driver entirely and can be used in case of dropping something on the floor and you need to remove your hands from the wheel to get it.

Also, the software for BMW is much more complicated and tends to confuse the drivers.

But, if we talk about interior design, BMW’S surpasses by far Tesla’s model. It takes into account comfort, luxury and ride quality, while Tesla’s car is simpler. But, seeing as Top Gear’s test was about the cars’ autonomy, we can’t take into consideration the appearance of either cars.

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