Tesla Model 3 Pre-orders of 325.000 Models – Newest Features

Tesla Model 3

Tesla, the electric car manufacturer confirmed a few days ago that it received more than 325.000 pre-orders for the new Model 3 saloon car only in the first week of bookings. In order to make a reservation for this car, you will pay a refundable deposit of 1.000 dollars and Tesla said that the current reservations correspond to about 14 billion dollars (the value of 325.000 Model 3 saloon cars), 325 million dollars being already paid via pre-orders.

However, it’s not sure if Tesla will sell all those cars, as most of the pre-orders will probably be canceled. The company has written on its official blog website this Thursday that they “haven’t advertised or paid for any endorsements” and that they are quite pleased about the interest that the customers have shown so far.

Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, has tweeted on his account that by reserving a Model 3 car, they will give customers priority in their geographic region. With other words, even if there will be many users who will ask for this car in a specific region, by “ordering early will make a big difference locally”.

It is good to know that once the pre-ordering for Tesla Model 3 has opened, in just three days, there were 276.000 cars reserved, which is quite impressive.

The performance and price of the upcoming Model 3 car, is comparable to the all-electric Chevrolet Bolt car. The latter car will be manufactured by General Motors Co. and reports say that this car’s production will start by the end of 2016 (about a year before the Model 3).

However, it seems that Tesla is facing several issues before the start of the car production, which include restrictions on the location where it can open stores in order to sell its cars. For example, in Michigan and other states, Tesla is not allowed to sell the Model 3 car.

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