SwitchCharge Enhances Nintendo Switch Battery Life Expectancy by 12 Hours

Nintendo managed to take the market by storm when it launched its Switch console. The reason why Nintendo’s console is selling so well is because it’s a hybrid. What this means is that owners are allowed to dock the console to a TV or just play with it on the go. This opens up the door for endless possibilities since Switch owners can play their favorite games on their commute to work, school or even in the park. The only downside to Switch is that its battery doesn’t last that long. Fortunately the SwitchCharge takes care of that problem and it enlarges the console’s battery by up to 12 hours.


The entire gaming community was highly enthusiastic in anticipation for Switch and the company named InDemand Design saw this as an opportunity. InDemand Design is the first company that manufacturers a battery case that’s been especially developed for Nintendo Switch. SwitchCharge has been equipped with a large 12,000 mAh batter that enhances Switch’s battery life expectancy by up to 12 hours.

In addition, SwitchCharge also brings some extra features. For example, the case is fitted straight on the console thus making the Joy-Con controllers easier to access. The best thing about it though is the fact that it has been equipped with a kickstand on the rear side which makes gaming so much more fun. We should also mention that SwitchCharge features a USB Type-C charging port which allows users to charge up their console while playing. Even better, the special case also ships with a micro USB port.

Launch Date and Price

The device has yet to arrive on the market but once it does we can be sure that InDemand Design is going to generate huge amounts of profits. The fact that Nintendo Switch requires large amounts of battery charge in order to function shouldn’t surprise everyone since the hybrid console is able to run without any problems games such as Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The only bad thing about SwitchCharge is that it’s going to be quite expensive. The company behind SwitchCharge has announced that the case will be available for the hefty price of $130.

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